4 Ways to Add Timber Frame Elements to your Conventional Home

Adding timber frame elements to your current home

Outdoor living enthusiasts who have already built or purchased a conventional home still have plenty of options to bring the timeless timber frame aesthetic to their property.

There is a classification of timber frame homes called “hybrid homes,” and they combine traditional timber frame beams with modern construction processes, along with a mix of contemporary materials like brick, concrete block and poured cement. The result is an exquisite marriage of form and function that provides all the savings and efficiency of modern construction with the appeal of the enduring timber frame aesthetic. It also provides a wealth of options regarding design, allowing you to mix and match traditional and contemporary materials to create your own unique aesthetic.

It’s this type of hybridization that becomes available to you when considering adding timber frame elements to your home. Here are four popular options to consider when deciding how you’d like to bring the timber frame look to your property.

Timber Frame Additions

Those who want to add some square-footage to their home can’t go wrong with a timber frame addition.
Be it a porch, patio, kitchen, master bedroom or something else you have in mind, timber frame designers like those at Atlantic Timberframes are experts at melding the timber frame look with the existing aesthetic of your home. With a wide selection of timber and stone to choose from, your custom addition will add more than just additional space, but an entirely new dimension to the beauty and function of your home.

Timber Frame Outbuildings

Another popular option is timber frame outbuildings, ideal for those looking to add additional buildings to their property.

Do you need extra space to store tools and power equipment? A timber frame shed may be the answer. Or if you have larger equipment or extra vehicles you’d like to keep warm and dry, a timber frame garage would make an ideal choice.

For those who like to think big, it doesn’t get much bigger than a timber frame barn, perfect for farming equipment, livestock, horses and more. And for those who love entertaining, nothing is more welcoming than a timber frame guest house. From small and simple to large and luxurious, the possibilities are endless for your timber frame outbuildings.

Timber Frame Accents

For those looking to add just a hint of the timber frame aesthetic to their home, there are various exterior accents to choose from available in a wide array of styles and designs. Timber frame gables, dormers and bay windows are an ideal way to outfit your home with the unique timber frame look, giving your home that timeless, outdoor-living quality that really sets it apart.

These options are far more affordable than more extravagant choices like outbuildings and additions. They also allow for homeowners to adjust slowly to the new look before making bigger, more permanent decisions.

Additional Timber Frame Elements

If none of the above options sound quite right for you, never fear — the great thing about timber frame design is that it’s only limited by your imagination!

Ever thought about adding a barbeque pit to the backyard? How about a small gazebo to enjoy the sunset? Or perhaps a pavilion for those larger outdoor gatherings? All of these elements and more can be added to your property using timber frame construction. And best of all, everything discussed above can be custom designed exactly to your specifications, allowing you to decide the precise aesthetic you’re going for, from sturdy and rustic to polished and elegant.

For even more timber frame ideas, be sure to check out our gallery, and contact us today for a free consultation!

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