Hybrid Timber Frame Homes

What is a Timber Frame Hybrid?

Hybrid timber frame homes are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners desire the craftsmanship of a timber frame home at a reduced cost. This is accomplished by replacing traditional timber frame construction processes like handcrafted joinery with more efficient and cost-effective modern processes like steel joinery and fasteners. The result achieves the timeless timber frame aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of traditional timber frame construction.

How Do I Explore Timber Frame Hybrid Options for My Home?

For those considering a timber frame hybrid home, Atlantic Timberframes has decades of experience working with custom home builders and contractors. Whether we are subcontracted for the raising of the timber frame portion of your home or we simply supervise its construction, we offer a wide variety of timber kits that we can customize just for you. Talk to your contractor about your timber frame hybrid options today, and have them reach out to us for a free consultation!

The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home

In addition to cost-effectiveness, the inclusion of more contemporary materials like brick, concrete block and poured cement allow for nearly unlimited creative options that seamlessly combine the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. Especially popular with Craftsman and Farmhouse style homes, hybrid design adds wonderfully appealing timber accents throughout your home for a timeless, old-world look that adds so much more than simple stick-build designs.

From exposed wooden beams in your foyer and great room to timber frame gables, porches and patios accenting your home’s exterior, hybrid timber frame homes offer the best of the traditional and contemporary in a wide range of custom styles ideal for your personal taste — all at a reduced cost and more efficient timeline over traditional timber frame construction.

Do you have an existing home and would like to expand it with a timber frame addition, like a great room? We can help you brainstorm your options and discuss what it would take to incorporate a timber frame element into your existing home or new home design.

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Timber Frame Hybrids - The Advantages

This short video provides a layman's definition of a timber frame hybrid and gets into the advantages of this approach.

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