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We are experienced builders at Atlantic Timberframes, but we also give you the option of buying a timber frame kit. A timber frame home kit is a hand-crafted, timber frame home delivered to your site location. If you are an experienced builder or have a qualified builder, our kits provide the prepared timbers for a wide variety of home plans and projects.

The idea of a home kit is nothing new. It began over 100 years ago when a company called Aladdin Homes began offering a home kit package. These kits were not for timber frame homes but were based on pre-cut timber consisting mostly of 2x4 and 2x8 framing lumber. The idea of a pre-built, "packaged" home concept worked, and a small company called Sears, Roebuck & Company jumped into the business in 1908 and sold roughly 70,000 house kits through their mail-order Modern Homes program.

A timber frame home kit provides you with a lower cost option to a custom timber frame home built by our crew, depending on the builder you choose. If you are considering this approach, be sure to talk with us so we can help you evaluate your local costs to make sure that your desired savings are realistic.

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