What Makes Timber Frame Homes Unique?

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Timber Frame Homes

Unique Aesthetics Combining Modern Luxury and Traditional Craftsmanship

Above all, those designing their own homes in and around Pennsylvania desire something different — a unique aesthetic and design that sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill modern homes that somehow all look the same, despite their variety. This special breed of homebuyer wants something truly their own, which is why so many of them turn to the timber frame and hybrid timber frame home designs.

The Mystique of the Timber Frame Home

In addition to an aesthetic that is both timeless and rare, timber frame homes provide a variety of characteristics that modern homes simply can’t emulate. The traditional craftsmanship inherent in their construction lends them a tangible sturdiness and solidity. The viewer can easily imagine that these structures have stood for generations, impervious to the elements and the passage of time — and in many cases, the viewer is right.

More so than any modern design, the timber frame is more than just a home. It’s a monument, at once blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment, yet standing above it as a testament to nature’s power, beauty, and endless creativity. If nature itself could build a home, the timber frame would be the result.

The Modern Luxury of the Hybrid Timber Frame Home

The other main attraction of the timber frame home is its boundless versatility.
Limited only by the designer’s imagination, hybrid timber frame homes facilitate countless possibilities that combine modern design and building techniques with traditional craftsmanship and aesthetics. The result is the perfect union of old-world quality and modern production, energy efficiency, and comfort.

Whether you prefer rustic or elegant, timber-only or a timber/stone combination, traditional construction techniques or a more modern approach, timber frame homes provide the creative homebuyer with unlimited design and aesthetic potential.

With a custom homebuilder like Atlantic Timberframes by your side, you can build your own monument — to your family’s rich history and its bright, hopeful future.

About Atlantic Timberframes

Atlantic Timberframes, located in Western PA, builds timber frame homes in all styles and sizes. Since 1991, we have been working alongside family, friends, and fellow timber framers to build amazing and unforgettable timber frame homes all across the country.