About Atlantic Timberframes

Atlantic Timberframes is a true family business made in America. We are located an hour north of Pittsburgh just outside of Mercer, PA, a pristine borough surrounded by farmlands and celebrated for its Victorian era history. Since 1991, we have been working alongside family, friends, and fellow timber framers to build amazing and unforgettable timber frame homes all across the country. We love what we do: building the best homes we possibly can for people who we come to care about like family.

Atlantic Timberframes - A Family Business

We are a family business located in Pennsylania and our craftsmanship is rooted in our history. We have building timber frame homes for over 20 years. We believe the only way to create truly satisfied clients is to do great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what we do.

Ron Gabany, Atlantic Timberframes Founder

As founder and CEO, I have directly managed the company since its inception, and I continue to be the first point of contact for interested callers. I assist clients with building design, pricing, and engineering during the planning stages and continue stewarding clients throughout the building process until their project is complete. We have developed strong and longstanding collaborations within the industry, and  our clients benefit greatly from the  expertise of our network of contractors, panel companies, architects and engineers who have worked with Atlantic Timberframes over the years.

While Atlantic uses the most current computer software for creating shop drawings and blue prints, we prefer hand cutting our timbers over using computerized numerical control (CNC) machines. Each and every timber that passes through Atlantic’s wood shop is personally handled by me and a small, trusted crew with proven experience. Our philosophy is that hand selecting each timber, and determining the best fit for each timber, is what sets us apart. This hands-on service offered by Atlantic is what our clients value most and what gives us successful longevity as a small business.

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